edible_winter2014Good journalism is about authentic stories, well told.

In this age when we are bombarded with content everywhere, deftly crafted stories that can capture and hold a reader’s attention are essential. Different platforms require different techniques—the elements of a magazine feature vary from what is required for a hard news piece or a blog post.   What sets Susan apart as a seasoned writer is a knack for discovering interesting stories, mining for all the angles and presenting them in a compelling, understandable voice.

Susan’s professional journalism work includes:

  • Founding Managing Editor, contributor: Edible Silicon Valley
  • Columnist/feature writer: San Jose Mercury News
  • Contributing feature writer: San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal and San Francisco Business Times

As an independent journalist, Susan loves writing about culinary entrepreneurs, agriculture innovations, family-owned businesses, technology, travel and lifestyle, the arts, local government and community issues.

Read samples of Susan’s journalism work here.

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